Customer Service.

Our customers can always rely on machines and MV equipment. The manufacture of top quality materials, allows us to offer you systems of total guarantee, great durability and high performance.

MV offers a direct service of Customer Assistance, from the staff training activity to a correct utilization of the systems and their respective preventive maintenance, to direct assistance, which can be verified after a call, or according to a program of Interventions that are proposed with personalized intervention criteria for the client.


We provide a rigorous training in the operation of the facilities to the operating personnel of the line, section heads, etc. Of the different shifts of work of the company.


MV provides our own support service, which is managed and organized by us. Our staff is fully aware of the installed equipment and, from the first contact with the Customer, strives to find the best solution. The relationship with the Customer, the trust and the experience in the sector are the main characteristics of this service.

Call 964 525549 for any assistance, consultation or contact us via email at:


Service Contracts

Many manufacturers are getting many benefits through small costs, always using good manufacturing methods and producing more with less personnel costs.
Our customers are faced with the dilemma of acquiring a more complex team and increasing production with less personnel. In many cases, it is more difficult for clients to perform the fundamental tasks required and achieve high productivity goals.
To meet these production demands, MV's customer service department offers a variety of service contracts developed specifically for each company, the basis of which is preventive maintenance in order to extend the period of operation of your equipment and Achieve the desired productivity.

Preventive maintenance contract
Extended warranty (optional)
Update of equipment
Company in plant.
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