Mecanizados Villarreal, robots de última generación

Mecanizados Villarreal is involved in the creation of an advanced fire-fighting emergency system in railway tunnels.

  A team of researchers from the Institute of Transport and Territory from the Polytechnic University of Valencia (ITT-UPV), in collaboration with the Bank of Infrastructure of the Generalitat ...


Mecanizados Vila-Real has always been committed to continuous improvement allocating resources to R & D. Through this quest for innovation the company manages to be always updated after 30 ...

Mecanizados Villarreal referente en diseño y desarrollo de maquinaria cerámica

Revista Técnica Cerámica

Installation in the DAIRY PRODUCTS (PHASE 1) sector companies

The installation will consist of two lines of entry, one line for puddings and another for yogurts. The flan line is composed of a motorized belt conveyor followed by a modular curve at 90 °. ...
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