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The beginnings of MV's activity date back to 1985, the year in which the construction of different accessories and machines for the tile industry began.

Since then we have been developing our company, incorporating a wider and wider range of specific machinery, in order to be able to offer the services and products that the industry needed.

This growth made it possible that around the second half of the 1990s, MV moved its activity from the initial premises to its own, much larger facilities, located in the current location, which today constitute the company's headquarters.

During the following years, the company continued to grow steadily, introducing new designs and working techniques, incorporating state-of-the-art machinery and increasing the number of staff. This increasingly specialised and innovative pace of work led to the expansion of the company nationwide.

MV has evolved to become a leading company in Spain in the design and construction of industrial machinery. We have developed multiple applications and customised solutions as a designer, manufacturer and integrator of equipment for a large number of companies, covering all industrial sectors, with a leading position in the robotics, palletisation, packaging and handling sector and being synonymous with experience, guarantee and specialisation.

Quality Policy and Commitment

As a leading company in the market, we maintain a strong commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. In recent times, we have implemented a quality assurance system in accordance with the UNE ISO 9001 standard, thus guaranteeing the monitoring of a set of processes that encompass the entire operation of our company. For this reason, we have very competent, highly qualified staff, trained and involved in the achievement of objectives and committed to the company and therefore to its customers.

MV complies with the current legal regulations applicable to all the company's activities.

The need to increase productivity and the search for cost efficiency makes us increase our commitment to our customers every day, reaching the highest technological levels to ensure a rapid return on investment. For this reason, we develop new solutions for the automation and improvement of end-of-line processes, constantly providing technological innovations.
The cases we are continually presented with lend themselves to solutions that are the result of the company's knowledge and experience. Each installation is treated in a personalised manner, with the aim of completely solving the customer's problems, providing individualised and "made-to-measure" solutions.

We base our competitiveness on an important commitment to R&D&I, constantly updating the company's technical knowledge and experience, which gives us a notable technological independence. We have a highly professional team of engineers, technicians, programmers and mechanics. All this, together with our linear manufacturing process, a constantly evolving technical office, the continuous development of new products and direct contact with the customer, is the formula for MV's success.

Our areas of activity are as follows

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Customer service

Our customers can always rely on MV machines and equipment. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, we can offer you systems with a full guarantee of durability and high performance.

MV offers a direct Customer Assistance service, from the training of personnel in the correct use of the systems and their respective preventive maintenance, to direct assistance, which can be verified after a call, or according to a programme of interventions proposed with intervention criteria personalised for the customer.


We provide rigorous training in the operation of the installation to the operating personnel of the line, section managers, etc. of the different work shifts of the company.


MV provides its own support service, which is managed and organised by us. Our staff are fully familiar with the equipment installed and, from the first contact with the customer, are committed to finding the best solution. Customer relations, trust and experience in the sector are the main characteristics of this service.

Call +34 964 525 549 for any assistance, queries or contact us via email at:


Service contracts

Many manufacturers are making a lot of profit through lower costs, always using good manufacturing methods and producing more with less labour costs.
Our customers are faced with the dilemma of acquiring more complex equipment and increasing production with fewer staff, in many cases making it more difficult for customers to perform the fundamental tasks required and achieve high productivity targets.
To meet these production demands, MV's customer service department offers a variety of service contracts developed specifically for each company, the basis of which is preventive maintenance in order to extend the operating period of your equipment and achieve the desired productivity.

Preventive maintenance contract
Warranty extension (optional)
Upgrading of equipment
On-site training