Machinery Industrial

Sheet feeder

Vacuum bar stacker

Vacuum flat stacker

Vacuum flat stacker

Vacuum flat stacker

Vacuum flat stacker

Suction level stacker with double bedplate

High-speed Cartesian for boxes

High-speed Cartesian for boxes

Cartesian for trays

Cartesian for metal cans

Cartesian for steel structures

Cartesian for large formats

Cartesian for large formats in drawers

Cartesian for wooden slats

Cartesian for porespan plates

Robotic stacking sorting cell

Robotic gluing cell

Robotic cell for bonding extruded polystyrene to concrete slabs

Depalletising and unpacking robot cell

Spring handling robot cell

Robotic cell for wet base automation

Robotic cell for automobile tyres

Robotic cell for handling mirrors

Vacuum cleaning brush

Squaring curve

Suction plane destacker

Coil winder

Pallet dispenser

Pallet elevator with roller conveyor

Automatic flan packing machine

Automatic large format case packer

Small-format automatic case packer

Big-format automatic case packer

Tie-type automatic case packer

Tie-type automatic case packer

Double oven entrance

Automatic wrapping machine with cover

Automatic wrapping machine with end-of-line cover

Wrapping machine for pallets with cover

Semi-automatic wrapping machine

Press extractor

Press extractor

End of line with stacker and automatic case packer

End of kiln line with semi-automatic packing system and robot palletising system

Automatic strapping machine

Cardboard tray erector

Automatic line for dairy products

Complete ceramic block demoulding line

Complete marble handling line

Stacking, strapping and palletising line for ceramic materials

Special moulding cutting line

Manual manipulator with double arm

Manual crate handler

Protective film application machine

Box loading machine

Box loading machine

Box loading machine

Box loading/unloading machine

3D machining

Automatic drawer positioning table

Lift table with ramp

In-line pallet conveyor table for pallet transport

Remote pallet turntable

Oven outlet table distributor

Trolley loading clamp

Rotary trolley unloading clamp

Cap grooving machine

Palletising robot

Case palletising robot

Robot palletising wine crates

Terrazzo palletising robot

Robot palletiser with strapping machine for grouping boxes

Robot palletiser with automatic pallet discharge

Concrete block palletising robot

Robot palletiser for paint cans

Palletising robot for ceramic crates

Ceramic box palletising robot

Ceramic box palletising robot

Robot palletiser for strapped boxes

Ceramic palletising robot

Three-station palletising robot

Complete ceramic furnace outlet

Belt conveyor

Bucket belt conveyor

Belt conveyor with turner

Modular belt conveyor

Modular belt conveyor

Mobile belt conveyor

Pallet chain conveyor

Chain and roller conveyor

Hinged conveyor

Cord conveyor

Small belt conveyor

Belt conveyor with tilting bridge

Roof tile belt conveyor

Wire mesh conveyor

Roller conveyor

Roller conveyor at the dryer outlet

Roller conveyor as turner

Roller conveyor with transfer

Roller conveyor with turner

Sleeved roller conveyor

Extending roller conveyor

Roller conveyor for tyres

Pallet roller conveyor

Pallet turner

Volteador de piezas

Case turner and case sealer

Industrial machinery manufacturers

The automation of industrial processes involves the application of computer and electromechanical elements and systems for industrial purposes. With the consolidation of the so-called Industry 4.0, industrial automation processes are becoming more and more popular, with a commitment to greater digitisation of equipment and technologies within the factory.

In this environment, machining and industrial machinery manufacturing companies are becoming one of the key drivers for the advancement and modernisation of industry. The aim is to achieve a much smarter, faster and safer production process for operators and goods.

Thus, industrial automation will play a key role in the development of complex or dangerous tasks that will no longer be subject to the direct and manual work of operators, but will be managed and controlled safely by them.

Mecanizados Villarreal, as recognised experts in the manufacture of industrial machinery, studies and analyses the digitalisation trends in industry in order to offer the market the most innovative and revolutionary industrial systems and automatisms that help to improve the performance of companies and provide them with a rapid return on investment.

Since 1985 our company has been designing and developing accessories and industrial machinery for the tile industry. Little by little and year after year, the company has been introducing new designs and working techniques, incorporating the latest generation machinery and expanding the team of engineers and industrial technicians that currently make up our staff, we are able to imagine and design systems that help the automation and digitisation of industrial factories.

Over the last few years, Mecanizados Villarreal has evolved to become a leading company in Spain in the design and manufacture of industrial machinery.

Contact us and find out why we are a leading manufacturer of industrial machinery and how we can help you improve your company's performance.